What Do We Do ?

DTM Solutions Sdn Bhd provide A Wide Variety of General Cable and Coaxial Cable with connector assemblies and deliver the high quality products to our customers.

  • Cable assemblies include industry standard cables, D-Sub connectors, PCB terminal block, Phoenix connector, VHDCI .8mm 68-pin connector, Header Connector etc.
  • RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies with various Coaxial connector type N, BNC, SMA, SMB, Mini UHF, MMCX etc.
  • Customization of Interface Enclose, Jig & Fixture Fabrication.
  • Customization on the Switching Controller Interface to fulfill the automation in product performance verification.
  • Support the product systems test and validate the functionality with automation software.

What We Offer ?

WE provide the engineering solutions in relating to customer’s requirement especially in customization assembly build for specific product and system.

How To Contact Us ?

Emails: elvisyeoh@dtm-solutions.net

Tel No: +6012-4276321


Can The Products Be Customized ?

Answer is “YES”

Product customization has now turned into a Value Added Strategic business and it is being offered for a variety of products to have their own branding business based on product customization.

Need a Consultant for Your Business? Contact Us Now

Need a Consultant for Your Business? Contact Us Now