About us

About Our Company

Founded in July, 2011, DTM Solutions Sdn Bhd specializes in Laboratory Management of RF System parametric performance tests & measurements for Land and Mobile 2-way digital/analog radio products specified under the ETSI, TIA603 and TIA102 specifications, Labview Automation Programming, Engineering Fixture design & jig fabrication, general cable, coaxial cable assemblies and customization. By designing and developing innovative and high quality tests systems and one-stop solutions services, DTM Solutions Sdn Bhd seek to forge strong engineering partnerships with established and emerging OEM’s by offering advanced, cutting edge engineering technologies.

DTM Solutions Sdn Bhd is guided by a vision and commitment to deliver value added engineering services and test solutions, focusing on helping our customers realizing their goals and expectations in terms of quality, productivity and cost. We also focus on continual improvements to all our products, process and services, to maintain a competitive operating costs thus passing the cost-savings to our customers in maximizing their returns so as to build a long term business relationship and trust with our customers.


Our Mission

DTM Solutions Sdn Bhd is seeking to engage Telecommunication, Manufacturing and R&D Engineering organizations, providing our customers a total system performance and R&D engineering solutions. We strive to grow and expand our business together with our customers by assisting them in achieving their financial and strategic objectives while providing the highest levels of quality and services.

Our Vision

We, at DTM Solutions Sdn Bhd will :

  • Earn customers loyalty and become the strategic partner through dynamic, pro-active and customer focus business system, maintain honest and ethical relationships that ensure growth and profitability,
  • Create a business environment that customers, suppliers or vendors and employees want to associate with
  • Establish a safe and healthy working environment,
  • Continual upgrading our capabilities and offerings to provide a complete turnkey solution to full-fill customer needs.

Need a Consultant for Your Business? Contact Us Now

Need a Consultant for Your Business? Contact Us Now